What does my child wear?

DanceTots does not require our students to wear a  set uniform, but our dancers tend to love the ballet pink leotards with skirts, which can be purchased from Target, kmart etc.  They can wear whatever they feel comfortable in be it a fairy dress, or a bat girl costume, as long they are able to move freely and the skirts or dresses are not too long.  You are also welcome to buy online at www.balletstuff.com.au, click on “Dance Schools”  – they have a list what to wear for DanceTots, but is completely optional.

We do require our students to wear proper ballet shoes to facilitate the correct movement of the foot without being too slippery.
The ballet shoes should be properly fitted, if they are too tight you could injure their feet, too loose and they may be dangerous.

If you are only coming along for a trial then you may do so in bare feet, not socks – too slippery! (unless the floor is carpeted)

What do I wear for the Mummy and me classes?

We ask that you wear something that you are comfortable in and that you can move freely, as you will be on and off the floor, assisting your little dancer.  You don’t need ballet shoes (if you have  you are most welcome to wear them)  Most of our mums and carers wear leggings or gym gear with trainers.

Can parents watch the classes?

We hold open Days at the end of every term. On these days, family members and friends are encouraged to view the final class of term and enjoy the children’s progress. It also prepares the children to perform in front of a small audience ahead of the annual  Presentation Day (mini concert). However, if your child is particularly anxious you are more than welcome to stay until they feel comfortable.  Some of our venues have glass doors so you are able to view without distraction.  Please can we ask that you don’t use your phone for videoing the class during the term.  When we have our open days, you are welcome to then.

The only time we do have parents in the room:

  • During Mummy and Me classes where a parent or carer participates with their child;
  • At a trial (first class) where parents get to watch the class to make sure they are happy with everything;
  • If there is a medical condition that is serious or requires immediate attention;
  • If child is upset or feeling a bit insecure, or if a grandparent or dad has come to watch who wouldn’t usually be available;
  • As long as a child needs their parent in the room (if a child is unsettled or hesitant, the parent can provide support as long as required to promote confident independence);
  • At our Open Day – last class of the term except the last term, and
  • At our Presentation Day – last class of the year, our little mini-concert.

The early childhood dance program (Pre-school) is about learning the basics of dance.  For our mummy and me classes, it is not a playgroup, please keep your conversations for before or after the class. As a mum myself I completely understand catching up with friends, the lesson loses momentum with distraction.

We take our program seriously and after many years experience we know that children learn better with fewer distractions. Less noise from mums in conversation, less disruptions from younger toddlers wanting to join in and less chance your child will be wanting to run back and sit on your knee for a snack or a drink means better value for money for you and better results for your child.

We don’t expect our youngest students to cope without a parent or caregiver in the room but from the age of three and a half, we ask that parents and younger siblings wait in a suitable area outside the studio (but still on the premises), unless there is a reason mum or dad need to be around.

That allows our qualified teachers to deliver a program that has been painstakingly written and refined over many years without worrying about babies crying, or who is in the room taking photos or filming the class on their phone. It also fosters independence in your child and gives them the opportunity to participate in an activity of their own. It’s a philosophy encouraged by most kindergartens – children generally learn best without their parents around.

Come and try our classes and see for yourself how it works!

What to do on arrival

Please introduce yourself and your child.  If there is sufficient space, may we ask the children to put on their shoes, go to the bathroom, and please wait in the waiting area until they are invited in the studio, they will then come together and sit on a mat.  We encourage the children not to run around the studio as we would hate them to slip and hurt themselves.  We also find that this way keeps everyone calm and be ready for the class.

Are there any hidden costs?

We don’t charge any registration or enrolment fees, the only other fee we charge is at presentation day if you choose to participate.

At the end of the year, most classes do a presentation day. We keep this very low-key, it’s usually held in the same venue as regular classes and at about the same time.  This is not too overwhelming for the children and stress free for the parents!